When Pressure Builds…

I am in the middle of a project that has created a large amount of internal pressure. Due to the size and scope of the project (over 4,000 volunteers in hundreds of teams across a dozen different locations in the next 5 weeks), there is a lot that can go wrong.

This week, there have been numerous “miscues” that have nearly busted the project. At several key moments, we discovered breakdowns that have caused us to re-plan and re-group. That added to the internal pressure.

When I encountered another miscommunication late today, I wanted to explode on the person I thought was responsible for letting me down. But that would have been a poor decision.

  1. There was no character issue involved
  2. There was no competency issue involved
  3. When I took enough time to think it through, I was able to identify the miscommunication.  I changed the schedule and a key person was not informed.

So, I calmed down and moved on….without making a relational mess that I would have regretted.

How about you?

  • Can you catch yourself before releasing your pressure onto someone else?
  • Can you take a breath and backtrack to find a reasonable explanation?
  • Can you stop yourself before blaming someone else and accusing them of character or competence issues?

Thanks for listening.



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